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Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Nelson Conspiracy

Barry Ward has published the first three chapters of his forthcoming book based on the murder of Juanita Nielsen. The book and the blog are titled The Nelson Conspiracy and the book will soon be published in the traditional bound form so here is a chance to get a sneak peek.

As a bit of background to the story around which it is based, the Juanita Nielsen murder is one of Australia's most intriguing mysteries and all began when she went to an appointment at a Kings Cross nightclub and disappeared. She had been leading a vigorous campaign against a redevelopment in the Kings Cross area at the time of her disappearance.

While there have been coronial inquiries and numerous claims and allegations, it is likely that the full story has never been heard.


Barry Ward said...

Here we go again! Your blog intro regarding my book The Nelson Conspiracy refers to Juanita Nielsen disaappearing after "keeping an appointment at a Kings Cross nightclub."

This statement lies at the very heart of the cover-up stage managed by the Serious Crimes Squad of the NSW Police and the instigators of the murder plot. It is subterfuge, designed to mislead and obfuscate.

Juanita would not and did not keep such an appointment. She not merely disliked Abe Saffron and Jim Anderson; she considered them to be evil.

Nor was her death prompted by
the Victoria Point re-development; that too was subterfuge. She was murdered because she was about to publish an expose on organised crime and corruption. She was treading on some very sensitive toes and paid the price.

For more background see

Barry Ward

Barry Ward said...

Further to the above: readers may now access my book on this subject
by going to and in the search bar type in the name The Nelson Conspiracy.

Barry Ward

Barry Ward said...

The Nelson Conspiracy is now available in paperback book form via

Barry Ward

Jennifer Stone said...

Where do the bones remain is the big question regarding Juanita Nielsen. Based on a virtual true story, touches on many reasons that still exist today and why a brothel owned by Abe Saffron has trouble opening today.