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Friday, June 22, 2007

Around the Traps #4

Maxine at Petrona has told us what she thinks about Adrian Hyland's debut novel Diamond Dove. Great timing for the buzz to be stirred up again because Text Publishing are about to re-release the book in its B format.

Bookboy has recently read Sucked In by Shane Maloney and has given it a glowing report discribing the series as "funny and clever and the political setting provides for a crime story with a difference."

Patrick Anderson at the Washington Post talks glowingly about the brutal style and eloquence shown in The Broken Shore by Peter Temple. He goes on to say that "The plot is not exceptional, but the novel Temple builds around it is"

Jenny Anderson at Light Reading has also commented on the Post article and goes on to add her praise to Temple's writing, defying anyone not to read his books. So there's a challenge you shouldn't defy.

Perry at Matilda discusses the Art of Reviewing and some of the cliched phrases used by reviewers themselves that are "giving him the pip". He uses a review of Inspector Anders and the Blood Vendetta and the use of the character description "two-dimensional" as an example, making an outstanding argument. You can then check Perry's own review of the book.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention, much appreciated! Diamond Dove is about to be published in the UK (where I am based) by Quercus, so watch out for more reviews soon. I am sure it will do very well here, and the subject matter is in the news at the moment owing to Howard's latest ruling on the Aboriginal lands.