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Monday, January 22, 2007

Chain of Evidence by Garry Disher

Well, the much anticipated 4th book in Garry Disher's series featuring Inspector Hal Challis (The Dragon Man, Kittyhawk Down & Snapshot) has been heightened by Samela Harris' Adelaide Advertiser article. She talks with Disher gaining a few key insights into the man and his process behind writing the upcoming novel. Just one unfortunate misstep in the article is that Harris quotes the title of the new book as Chain of Events when in actual fact ,according to Text Publishing and Penguin the title will be Chain of Evidence.

Oh, and also, the ever-reliable site lists the title as Chain of Evidence and I hear the guy who runs that is pretty careful with his facts *ahem*

Be that as it may, book number 4 will be released on February 12 (a little earlier than I was first led to believe - but the sooner the better)

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Outpost - Issue 2

I'm happy to announce that the 2nd Issue of The Outpost has just been released. A new batch of Australian crime short stories have been added with the usual eclectic mix featuring a couple of diabolical little crimes with nasty twisted endings, a psychic mystery, a heart-pounding thriller and a traditional mystery. All well worth checking out.

Look for:
Sound of Silence by Breanda Cross
A Sublime, Celestial Blessing by A.G. Bennett
The Error by Leonie Hall
I See What You Mean by Kath Buckham
Ryan's Revenge by Penny Garnsworthy
The Shadow by Lyle Barwick

Monday, January 08, 2007

The Crime Year Ahead In Australia

Well, it's a whole new year and there's a whole buncha books just begging to be picked up and devoured...or at least read to within an inch of their lives. Here's what we've got to look forward to so far.

And Hope To Die by J.M. Calder

Chain of Evidence by Gary Disher (the 4th in the Hal Challis series)
Company by Max Barry
An Easeful Death by Felicity Young

Shattered by Gabrielle Lord (the 4th Gemma Lincoln thriller)
Cherry Pie by Leigh Redhead (the 3rd Simone Kirsch PI novel)
The End of the World by Paddy O'Reilly (an anthology of short stories)
The Raw Shark Texts by Stephen Hall

Punk by Jane R. Goodall
Sucked In by Shane Maloney (the looooong-awaited next Murray Whelan novel)
Amongst the Dead by Robert Gott (the 3rd William Power mystery)
The Night Ferry by Michael Robotham (the 3rd thriller in a lossley linked series)

Vodka Doesn't Freeze by Leah Giarrantano
All Those Bright Crosses by Ross Duncon

Patriot Act by James Phelan (the sequel to Fox Hunt)
Tequila Bikini by Kirsty Brooks
Beijing Conspiracy by Adrian d'Hage
Bright Air by Barry Maitland (this is Maitland's first non-Brock & Kolla book)

Golden Crescent by Mark Abernathy

The Authoress by Kate Morton
The Storm Prophet by Hector MacDonald
...and, by all reports, a new one from Peter Temple

I'm in the dying chapters of And Hope To Die and can give it two big thumbs up for lovers of heart-pounding thrillers.