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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Podcast Interview with Robert Gott

Jeez there's some great sites out there on the web if you look hard enough. I'm a bit slow on the uptake so I hadn't listened to a podcast before last night...

I recently stumbled across the Naked Novelist site, a site that presents podcasts of the "Published or Not" radio show that airs every Thusday at 11:30am (855 on the am band) on 3CR in Melbourne (and live over the net, too). An earlier interview on May 11 was with Robert Gott, author of the comic mystery series featuring William Power. He talks to host Brendan Gulliver about his latest novel Amongst the Dead.

This is a very entertaining interview as Gott dissects his protagonist Will Power who is described as a "dickhead hero" by Shane Maloney, a title that Gott readily agrees with. He talks about his experiences in the top end of Australia, the setting of Amongst the Dead as well as suggesting why such an annoying man as Will Power could also be so very endearing to readers.

One snippet that I found of immense interest was the fact that when Gott originally began the Will Power series he intended it to be 3 books long, but has now expanded his plans to make it 5, giving us another 2 books (at least) to look forward to.

The Robert Gott interview is titled Show #25 Turning history into cracking good crime fiction.


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