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Monday, May 28, 2007

Matthew Reilly Is Off to Hollywood

The Arts and Entertainment blog of the ABC – Articulate – has published a recent interview with Matthew Reilly where he talks candidly about a range of exciting projects coming up. Not the least of these is his relocation to Hollywood to work on the TV pilot of his creation, Literary Superstars. On top of that is the slowly developing film adaptation for Hover Car Racer.

For the readers out there he also talks about the forthcoming Jack West novel titled The Six Sacred Stones. As Reilly explains, Jack West is pure Indiana Jones territory which pretty aptly describes the first Jack West book Seven Ancient Wonders. Be warned, though, he also talks about trying to make a point of not giving the readers what they expect, already hinting that maybe there will be a momentous twist or two in the new book.

Check out the full interview.

Don’t forget Matthew will be appearing at the Sydney Writer’s Festival on the following dates:

Tuesday, May 29, 6.30pm: at Blacktown Library
Thursday, May 31, 3pm: , “Crossing Over Genres”.
Friday, June 1, 10.30am: ”Being a Professional Writer”.


Anonymous said...

Re your recent comment on my site: I'm happy to be corrected on Robotham's nationality and will correct the body of my post. As a Canadian, not American, I know how annoying it is to be mistaken for something else. I do enjoy crime fiction and enjoyed reading the rest of your site.

Damien said...

No worries, Christy. Thanks for dropping by.