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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Happy Birthday: Peter Corris

Ok, I can't let the 65th birthday of Peter Corris pass by without sending out some best wishes and highlighting the work of Australia's "godfather of Australian crime fiction". With the 31st Cliff Hardy novel to be released next month (titled Appeal Denied and published by Allen & Unwin), he continues to lead the way.

I'm still making a concerted effort to catch up on all the Cliff Hardy books - and having a wonderful time doing so, I might add - with about 8 or 9 books to go. The Cliff Hardy books are relentlessly hardboiled with Cliff going through a gradual change (as one would expect) as the series progresses. His style is still antagonistic, intentionally provoking people in the hopes of getting a reaction, often succeeding and taking the odd knock to the head as a result. Set largely in Sydney, this is a detective series to savour.

With 30 books in the series, it would be pointless trying to list them all here - much easier to point you in the direction of Corris' website.

Of course, I've reviewed a few of his books as can be seen here, here, here and here. Oh yeah, and here.

Corris also has another 3 series out there with the 8 volume Richard Browning series featuring a private investigator set in the 1940s who appears to travel far and wide. Then there's the Ray "Creepy" Crawley series which has more of a spy feel to it with Crawley an Australian Security Agent. This series is 8 strong too. Finally there's the Luke Dunlop series. Dunlop is an ex-cop turned Witness Protection officer. I thought this series had a bit more legs than the 3 volumes that comprise it.

Looks like there's plenty left in the legs of the ole godfather, though. Read a Peter Corris book today.

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