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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Early Buzz for Crater by Phoenix Connor

I'm not sure what Random House have been doing to create the buzz of anticipation for Phoenix Connor's debut action thriller, Crater, but if my hit counter on the Crime Down Under site is anything to go by, the word is out.

Crater isn't due for release until June this year and the site has already received quite a high number of hits from people who have searched for the author &/or the title.

Perhaps a clue can be gleaned from the short bio on the publisher's page that names Dean Koontz as her mentor and friend. Couldn't hurt having links to one of the genres heavyweights that's for sure. Then there's also a handy little comparison to Matthew Reilly in the publicity notes hinting at non-stop breathless action with its relentless pace and continuous stream of life or death situations for the heroic band of survivors. Hmmm, it does sound like a Matthew Reilly novel!

Anyway if the hits I've noticed translate into sales then it augurs well for June. The lovers of turbo-charged white-knuckle thrill rides have something to look forward to later in the year and are already making their presence felt.

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