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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Big Mystery, Little Mystery

As we are no doubt all well aware mysteries come in a vast array of sizes, some of them are of heart-breaking importance – such as the whereabouts of a missing child, others are not so important, such as the whereabouts of a missing donut.

And that brings me to Company by Max Barry (published by Scribe Publications) which I read and heartily enjoyed this weekend just passed.

By no means is Company a crime novel, let me be clear on that one, but it is a bitingly satirical farce that pokes all sorts of fun at everything corporate, from inter-office politics, infrastructure, employee benefits and lack thereof, the blind acceptance of the downtrodden employee who just wants to earn a buck. Company is also riddled with mysteries, teeny-weeny little ones. And so, drawing a lengthy item of an archer’s armoury, I’m content to proclaim Company a mystery novel of the most humorous kind.

Ever worked in an office? Wondered about the motivation behind your company’s latest inexplicable restructure? Noticed that your employee benefits continue to disappear? Max Barry’s Company may well provide you with some insights into what the hell is going on around the beige walls of your cubicle. Then again maybe not, maybe you’ll just laugh quietly until your realise with a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach that it all sounds scarily familiar.

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