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Sunday, March 09, 2008

March '08 New Releases

The month of March finds only two new Australian crime/thriller/mystery releases, but both are from authors with terrific credentials who need little introduction. Interestingly both books have come from the same publisher, which obviously means that not a single other publisher in the land have contributed to the genre this month. they are:

Open File by Peter Corris (pub. Allen & Unwin) The latest Cliff Hardy detective novel is a trip back in time as Cliff recalls a case from the 1980s. I haven't picked up my copy of the book yet but, after more than 30 books, it would be safe to assume that Cliff puts himself in the middle of any number of brutal situations.

Murder on the Apricot Coast by Marion Halligan (Allen & Unwin). This is the sequel to the 2006 published The Apricot Colonel. According to the book's blurb, the 2 characters from the earlier book, Cassandra and the colonel are now married but their lives are disrupted by the spectre of murder. From memory, The Apricot Colonel tended towards the cozy end of the crime genre spectrum so it would be reasonable to assume that the sequel will be likewise in tone.

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