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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Book Mutterings - 1-7 February 2008

The Seattle Mystery Bookshop publishes its Bestsellers (Hardcovers & Paperback) for each month and we can see that Moonlight Downs (Diamond Dove) by Adrian Hyland has come in tied at 9th place for January.

Michael Robotham has recorded a brief video message in which he offers advice to aspiring writers. The video can be viewed at

With the inaugural upcoming Writers at the Convent festival about to be held in Melbourne from 15-17 February, there's been a little bit of press to cover it. The Age has featured Kathryn Fox, author of Malicious Intent, Without Consent and the recently published Skin and Bone as one of the festival's attendees. Among the many revelations given by Fox, when she's asked how she has managed to build two successful careers (first as a GP, then as a novelist) she simply admits "No, I'm an idiot". Plenty more where that came from.

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