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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Book Mutterings - 18-24 January 2008

The State Library of Victoria's Summer Reads initiative continues with the guest blogs by the authors involved. This week Adrian Hyland (Diamond Dove) steps up to the plate and knocks down a post or two of great entertainment with the first titled How Dare You Mr Hyland he explains his earlier days working in the Outback and the importance of story telling. He follows this up with his second post Campfire Tales, Take Two in which he tells a story that illustrates the harmony the aboriginal people have with the land. Day 3 has Adrian chatting about The Truth, The Whole Truth and Mr Miller before finishing his stint with a skim over the field of poetry in his essay titled Rainbow Warriors.

At the risk of making this an all-Adrian Hyland all the time Muttering, we can't let this week's post go by without pointing out that Sarah Weinman has reviewed Moonlight Downs (as Diamond Dove is known over there) in the Baltimore Sun. Now that's gotta be good.

Lucinda Schmidt of The Age has done a profile on Garry Disher who will be celebrating 20 years as a full-time author this year. It's a very interesting interview revealing the possible title to his Ned Kelly Award winning Chain of Evidence as well as some valuable advice to budding authors.

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