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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Outpost - Issue 5 Released

It has been a year and The Outpost, a crime and mystery zine of short stories from Down Under continues to keep on keeping on. Issue 5 has just been released and once again there are 8 new stories ready to go.

As with the last issue, there appears to be a bit of preponderance of stories based around familial revenge. I don't know what's going on in and around the 'burbs of Australia, but in the minds of our authors there's a heap of payback for cheating so and so's.

To get your quarterly fill of the short stuff from Australia you can check this little lot out...

The Clough Family by Ross Duffy
Night Fever by Breanda Cross
Both Sides of the Same Coin by F.N. Karmatz
The Camp Three Incident by Malcolm Reid
Typhoid Mary by David Walker
Suspicions Aroused by Kerry Ashwin
Second Guess by Christian Fennell
A Buzzing In the Air by S. M. Chianti

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