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Monday, November 27, 2006

The Dingo Dilemma - the 4th Kylie Kendall

Claire McNab is a transplanted Australian living in LA and, while she is little known here in Australia, her books are very popular in the US.

She has 3 series on the go, the first featuring Carol Ashton, the second a thriller series featuring Denise Cleever and the third a detective mystery series featuring Aussie-in-LA Kylie Kendall. It's the Kylie Kendall series that will expand by one book (The Dingo Dilemma) in December 2006.

Kylie Kendall has inherited a private detective agency in Los Angeles, a pretty daunting proposition given she was born and bred in Outback Australia.

From what I hear it's a humorous mystery series but, alas, I am yet to read any of McNab's books. If someone can chime in with a little info of their own it would be much appreciated. Until then, it's another author that is on the "to do" list.

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