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Friday, August 03, 2007

Tony Park Pushes Safari With Great Results

Thanks to the pressures of work my leisure time has been rudely invaded and I have missed reporting on a recent event or two. (For shame).

One such event was the launch last night of Tony Park’s latest novel, Safari. (Tony was generous enough to send me an invitation but alas, the whole time thingie – thanks anyway Tony).

As with his other books (Far Horizon, Zambezi, African Sky), Safari is set in Africa - Zambezi this time - and continues his trend of writing riveting adventure / thrillers set against the harshly beautiful backdrop of Africa.

But I have another reason for mentioning the release and that is to urge you to hop over to Tony’s blog to read his hilarious account of his recent exploits in a Sydney bookstore as he stalked a “prospective royalty contributor”.


tonypark said...

Hi Damien,

Sorry you couldn't make the launch. It was a hoot. 2.30am finish; very slow today. I told the bookstore story (which is 100 per cent true, by the way) and got a good laugh.

cheers, tony

Damien said...

Sounds as though you've kicked the book off in fine style. I'm looking forward to reading it.