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Friday, August 31, 2007

Katherine Howell is Idiosyncratic

I was sitting down to read my regular dose of Sarah Weinman and her idiosyncratic thoughts when who should I see is guest blogging for the day? Why it was none other than our very own Katherine Howell.

Sarah has very kindly given Howell the opportunity to introduce herself to the US readers with her debut novel Frantic not yet available, it’s a splendid opportunity to sow the seeds of interest. With the frenetic pace of paramedics hard at work to set the tone, this is the kind of book that thriller readers will eat up with a spoon.

In her post, she talks about her experience as a paramedic and how she (eventually) used those experiences as a basis for her books. She finishes her piece with the news that not only does her publisher love her yet to be released second book, Panic, but she is hard at work on the outline of her 3rd book and even has some ideas for her 4th.

Plenty for us all to look forward to.

In the meantime, read Katherine's very entertaining post about the paramedic who became a thriller writer.

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