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Saturday, August 04, 2007

August 07 Releases

Safari by Tony Park (pub. Pan Macmillan) – The 4th novel by Tony Park is set in the wilds of Africa following Far Horizon, Zambezi and African Sky. Once again we experience a fast-paced story pitting ex-special forces soldiers against poachers to the backdrop of the wild and exotic landscape of Zimbabwe. The action is non-stop and Park tells his story with flair. This is an adventure / thriller to savour.

Golden Serpent by Mark Abernethy (pub. Arena / Allen & Unwin) – This debut action thriller is an explosive story that simply buzzes along. Alan ‘Mac’ McQueen is a spy in sight of retirement when he is sent on ‘one final mission’. It turns out to be the assignment from hell when he finds himself up against a terrorist leader he thought he had killed years ago. Chased by hit men, a rogue CIA agent and hampered by a corrupt Australian intelligence he’s up against the odds big time. Reminiscent of Tom Clancy and Robert Ludlum.

Patriot Act by James Phelan (pub. Hachette Livre) – This is the sequel to Phelan’s debut novel Fox Hunt and sees the return of protagonist Lachlan Fox. This seems to be action thriller month with Patriot Act marking another frenzied action novel that finds the world under threat of annihilation at the hands of evil. Full on action is guaranteed as Fox diverts disaster.

The Beijing Conspiracy by Adrian d’Hage (pub. Penguin Australia) – By the author of The Omega Scroll, the terrorist threat from Al-Qaeda raises it’s ugly head as we are led into an action thriller of epic proportions. Vials of a deadly virus have gone missing and protagonist Denzel O’Connor suspects they are in the hands of the terrorist organisation and that the target for a biological disaster could be the Beijing Olympics.

Maelstrom by Michael MacConnell (pub. Hachette Livre) – A serial killer is hunting, one who has killed many times over three decades. Meanwhile, in a fascinating twist, someone is hunting down and eliminating serial killers with great skill. You just know that something is going to have to give in this promising debut thriller.

Dark Heart: Images of A City by Travis Berketa (pub. Brolga) - Dark Heart is a thriller/social commentary about a man who has been through a lot of trauma and lost his faith in society. He notices that there are too many negative images in the media and decides that he is the cure for the city. As a vigilante, he moves into a dark underworld in order to become saviour of the city. During the novel our lead goes through several stages that bring him face-to-face with the traumas that have been tormenting him - road rage, drugs, murder and rape. While facing these situations the vigilante moves from ordinary person to an image in the newspaper; from self-appointed hero to anti-hero, and finally, inevitably, to villain.

Bye Bye Baby by Lauren Crow (pub. HarperCollins Australia) – There is a serial killer on the loose in London and DCI Jack Hawksworth of New Scotland Yard is on the case. This is the debut novel by Lauren Crow. This is a police procedural that reeks of obsession and revenge that most readers should find compelling. By the looks of things this book should be the first in a series to feature the Hawk.

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