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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Reading : Patriot Act by James Phelan

I have just finished reading Patriot Act, James Phelan's second novel following up his debut action thriller Fox Hunt. Both books feature investigative journalist Lachlan Fox. Actually, to call Fox an investigative journalist is sugar coating things a little. The guy is a former navy operative with vast combat experience. He has been recruited by GSR (Global Syndicate of Reporters) who roam the planet tracking down the juiciest of news stories in the most dangerous of locations.

In Patriot Act the security of the world is in danger, the bad guys are the French and the target is the NSA-controlled ECHELON surveillance program which captures an astounding array of telecommunication transmissions. With access to this information, the European power brokers behind the plan believe they can take over their respective countries.

This is a frenetic story of punch and counter-punch that stretches from New York City to New Zealand and Washington DC to Greenland. It's Clive Cussler on steroids and the kind of book that simply flashes by at warp speed.

Great escapism reading.

You can buy this book at Seek Books .


LiteraryMinded said...

Hi, just came across your blog - my review of 'Patriot Act' is quite different :-)
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Livi said...

Keep up the good work.