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Monday, December 11, 2006

Reading: A Knife Edge by David A. Rollins

I've moved on to David A. Rollins' latest book, A Knife Edge, the second to feature Vin Cooper who is now an investigator with the US Department of Defense.

One of the more enjoyable aspects of reading Rollins is his confrontational style when undertaking some of the more descriptive opportunities in the book. A prime example is taken from early on when he could have simply said that it was a cold day. he chose to go with:

I stepped out of the vehicle and felt my scrotum contract, testicles beating a strategic withdrawal into the warmth of my guts. I reached back for the jacket.

A great word...scrotum, underused in my opinion and should get more play, particularly in detective novels. Whether it's used to describe temperature, as it is here (I'm sure it would be just as effective in warm climes), or perhaps fear - as in a tightening in that region, or even pain - as in, a good swift kick in the...

Yep, I reckon Rollins in on to a good thing here. Get out there and use your scrotum, guys.

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