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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Outpost - Issue 1

When I initially started The Outpost, the intention was to try to raise the profile of the Australian crime writing talent that is out there. The response was good and the first issue was put out there.

Well, the first issue has been up and running for 2 months now with the first crop of 6 Australian short stories generating some good interest. With only a month to go before the second issue comes out I've already received another full book of top quality Aussie stories that are ready to go, it's time to give the current crop another little gentle nudge so...have at it.

Issue 1 looks like this

Tyler by Franklin Neil Karmatz
Artistic Licence by Breanda Cross
Wrigley PI and the Circus of Death by Ken Cotterill
Facets of Life by Lyle Barwick
First Off the Blocks by Thomas Mitchell
Operation Bluewater by Inga Simpson

It's an eclectic mix that covers a wide range of sub-genres from detective to thriller and a good ole fashioned mystery or two.

...and I'll gladly accept more, more, more.

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Daniel Hatadi said...

Good to see you entering the blogosphere. Best of luck with it, I'll be watching. :)