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Saturday, December 02, 2006

A Few Text Re-releases

Text Publishing are about to re-release a couple of Australian crime titles.

For those who can't get enough of Peter Temple in any form, the first 2 Jack Irish novels are bundled together in The Jack Irish Quinella (that's Bad Debts & Black Tide). The real question is: will there be a new Jack Irish next year?

Then there's the debut novel Dead Set by Kel Robertson up for re-release. Part of the write-up tells us that the second Inspector Chen novel will be published later in 2007. Yet another police procedural liberally dosed with humour, this will be another one to look out for next year.


Peter said...

Any news on a new Jack Irish? I think Peter Temple got me started on my Australian crime-fiction kick. I read Bad Debts a couple of months ago and posted about it here: I liked it, of course, and it had a feature or two that seem to characterize the Australian crime fiction I've read.

I've also just posted about Peter Corris at The first Cliff hardy novel is making an immedate impression.
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Damien said...

I have heard a whisper that there will be a new Jack Irish novel released in 2007, I still have to get confirmation. Perhaps I should drop Peter Temple a line and ask him there's a thought.

genevieve said...

Always good news to hear of a re-release of anything Oz. Damien, thanks for the link too.