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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Another July New Release

After a severe mental glitch a couple of days ago, I realise I've left out one of the forthcoming releases for the month of July.

So I shall just set things to right and make this late addition for the new month.

The Butcherbird by Geoffrey Cousins (pub. Allen & Unwin) - Cousins is best known in the business community having held the position of CEO at George Patterson and Optus as well as chairman of the Museum of Contemporary Art and The Starlight Foundation. Writing what he knows his debut novel is about the goings on at the top of Australian business and the corruption that undermines all. That all sounds pretty vague, so I'll add the publisher's synopsis to chew on: Geoffrey Cousins has called upon his own insider experience at the highest levels of Australian business to conjure a darkly comic, suspense-filled tale of intrigue peopled by a tantalisingly familiar cast of A-list sharks.

Jack Beaumont, architect turned property developer, is as surprised as the next person when he is approached by insurance tycoon Mac Biddulph to become the new CEO of the largest home-insurer in Australia. Seduced at first by the lure of power, Jack soon finds that beneath the glamorous facade of the Sydney business elite lies a convoluted network of corruption.

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