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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The Outpost - Issue 7 Released

Australian crime short stories in abundance again this month with the new issue of The Outpost once again throwing up a diverse selection of stories for your enjoyment. Returning with another story each are Pat Johnson and Kate Smith. They've been joined by John Millett, Tony Black, Peter Lingard, Caroline Slade, Margaret Dakin and Jeff Lancaster.

You'll notice one or two stories among this lot with a very distinctive Australian ring to them but the dilemmas, twists and dirty dealings are universal.

Hold onto your hats, too, with some borderline mystical dealings, a psychosis that is almost a little too disturbing and a smooth recollection into an almost forgotten crime.

There's murder for love, murder for hate, murder by accident, and just plain murder.

The stories for Issue 7 are:

Miss Andrews by Pat Johnson
Zap by Kate Smith
On Hallucinations by John Millett
Crate-Load of Grief by Tony Black
Cooked Under Pressure by Peter Lingard
Say Cheese! by Caroline Slade
Terminus For A Life by Margaret Dakin
Keeping Your House In Order by Jeff Lancaster

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