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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

We Have Just Begun to Snapshot

Consider the last week of Australian Crime Snapshot interviews merely Part I. Perry (Matilda), Karen (AustCrime) and I are already compiling a list for a second round with authors we either were unable to contact this time or who were out and about at various Literary Festivals or meeting publisher deadlines.

As a matter of fact, if there's anyone out there thinking: "Hey, I wrote a crime book recently and no-one asked me which make believe character should my make believe character meet" then give us a hoy. Your keenly considered thoughts will look quite good next to all the other thoughts that are considered keen.

Round 2 will be hitting our blogs in a few months after we've given ourselves a chance to take a breath, check our lsits and hound some more unsuspecting authors.


angelasavage said...

Congratulations Damien to you and all involved on the snapshot series. I enjoyed reading the interviews and now have a new list of books to try and hunt down in Phnom Penh. FYI have put links to several interviews including my own (natch) on my website. Cheers, Angela

Peter said...
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Peter said...
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Peter said...

Good job with the Snapshots. I want to nominate you, Karen and Perry for the Order of Australia.
Detectives Beyond Borders
"Because Murder Is More Fun Away From Home"

Anonymous said...

Yeah - very nice work Damien. Cheers from Noir Zealand, Thomas.