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Monday, June 11, 2007

I'm Cool! Cliff Hardy says so.

Well, it's official...I ain't no nerd. Sure I work in IT read lots of books and write a blog but I have learned from a reliable source that I'm no nerd.

And who is this relaible source, you may ask. Why none other than hardboiled private detective Cliff Hardy who puts it this way in the newly released Appeal Denied:

A long way from being a nerd, he works out at Redgum gym, runs half-marathons and the City to Surf.
Now, sure, I realise Cliff Hardy's a fictional character but his opinion carries a lot of weight in the most respected of circles, so I'm going with it. As a runner who has completed around 15 half-marathons and around 17 City to Surfs that's got to make me far from a nerd too, doesn't it? Yes! Validation. Because I'm prepared to risk the onset of arthritis in my knees and ankles as I get older I have earned the respect and admiration of a fictional character.

Read it and weep, suckers.

More about Appeal Denied by Peter Corris later in the week.

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Katherine said...

Was there ever any doubt??