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Friday, June 15, 2007

Around the Traps #3

The Adelaide Advertiser's Patrick Allington caught up with Matt Rubinstein to discuss his newly released A Little Rain on Thursday.

Sarah Weinman she of the Confessions of an Indosyncratic Mind blog is the latest to have read and reviewed The Broken Shore by Peter Temple in the Baltimore Sun and has found that it "takes his work to a richer, darker place". Meanwhile, kimbofo has been swept into a time vortex when she made the fortunate mistake of opening The Broken Shore and losing the morning.

Another of Peter Temple's early novels - in fact his earliest, An Iron Rose has been reviewed in the Sunday Business Post and posted for our perusal on the Alex Meehan's Echos From A Distant Mountain blog. Alex rates it a stylish thriller and sums up by saying that the book features well drawn characters in atypical settings that challenge the genre well.

Across the Atlantic to The Times we go and John Dugdale compares the beginning of The Unknown Terrorist by Richard Flanagan very favourably with John Le Carre before expressing disappointment with the second half of the book.

But that hasn't deterred Steven Spielberg's DreamWorks studio from buying the film rights to The Unknown Terrorist. According to Susan Wyndham at the SMH blog - Entertainment, everyone from George Clooney to Angelina Jolie is reading it.

But quite frankly, it's a Flanagan-a-thon as the book is being covered across the US with David Masiel of the Washington Post casting his eye over the book concluding with the glowing summation that it provides "stark realism revealing underlying sickness."

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