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Friday, January 04, 2008

Reading : Dark Heart: Images of a City by Travis Berketa

One of the less heralded releases from 2007 was Dark Heart: Images of a City by Travis Berketa (pub. Brolga Publishing) which I have managed to get my hands on. I've only read 33 pages so far but it's such a short novel (perhaps it could be called a novella) that this constitutes a quarter of the book.

The story is told by an unnamed, extremely pissed off individual who is fed up with the way society is headed what with increasing violence, crime, drugs and gangs, all of which are seemingly tolerated by the masses. He has decided that he is going to make a difference after losing his family to a variety of violent crimes.

The man turns into a one-man crime wave as he sets about "making the city safe for us". His victims are molesters, drug dealers, crime king-pins and hitmen...and he doesn't go easy on them. His expectations are that he will be hailed a hero for his brave efforts against low-life scum.

One thinks it's the kind of story that must only end badly.

*Updated* I've finished the book and it's a chillingly dark tale that is a kind of prediction of the way that society is headed as well as a warning of just how a killer is made. It's a searingly fast story that leaps forward at every opportunity as the central character changes from a concerned citizen to an enraged violent criminal.


Mr Grumpy said...

This sounds like an updated version of "Death Wish" which was made into a series of films featuring Charles Bronson.

Anonymous said...

It's nothing like Deathwish really. Loved the action though! The story moves really quickly. i couldn't put it down. Thanks for the tip, Damien!

Hard 2 Find said...

Could someone please tell me where I can get this book? I can't find it at any book shops (I know the Internet has it, but I like to try before I buy)