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Friday, April 13, 2007

An Easeful Death - Felicity Young

With some upcoming releases of new books by a few of Australia’s more widely read authors it’s easy to miss the odd book by those who are less noted. Felicity Young is one such overlooked author who is definitely a star on the rise and won’t remain in relative obscurity for much longer, particularly when word gets out about An Easeful Death (pub. Fremantle Arts Centre Press).

An Easeful Death was published in late March and is Young’s second novel following her 2005 debut with A Certain Malice (pub. Crème de la Crime). It's a tightly plotted police procedural thriller set in Perth and featuring DS Stevie Hooper of the Serious Crime Squad.

The attention is immediately grabbed by a complex group of characters making up the Perth SCS all working on one of the more bizarre murder scenes you’d come across.
Young also achieves something that many authors find very difficult. She manages to set up an array of plausible suspects who all come under close scrutiny as possible killers without ever giving away the identity until she’s well and truly ready. I reckon this is an under-rated aspect of good mysteries, but Felicity achieved it with style.

This is definitely a quality book, one to look out for, and believe me Felicity Young is also a name to watch out for.

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